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School started and you’re looking at you child carrying their school bag. Are you concerned?

School started and you’re looking at you child carrying their school bag. Are you concerned?

School backpacks are a fundamental part of school. School children will carry their pack the entire year, however the right – or wrong – bag may have an any longer impact on your kid’s well being.  Back pain is not unique among Australian kids, especially amid pre-adulthood. An ill-fitting or excessively heavy school bag increases the risk of poor posture and potential for injury.

What to look for in a school backpack?

There are such a variety of various styles of school sacks accessible to buy that it can get to be distinctly hard to pick the right one. When buying a backpack here are some things you need to consider and look for:

  • Ensure the bag is the correct size – Anything wider than the child’s chest it too large.  Anything that sits higher than their shoulders more than about 3cm it also too large.      A child should be able to look up and admire the sky without their head hitting the pack.
  • The backpack should have two wide, adjustable shoulder straps with cushioning for additional comfort – Wearing a bag with just a single shoulder strap or just carrying it over one shoulder bends the spine unnaturally, putting stress in many regions of the body.
  • A hip or sternum strap that can be fastened
  • Different compartments that help the packing of the bag
  • The bag should be made with light-weight material such as canvas

Now it’s easy to say what to look for in a backpack, however most schools have one size fits all which isn’t very helpful for Preps or younger children.  So all you can do in that situation is to know how to help make it fit the best you can for your child.

How do you wear a backpack?

Preferably, a child’s school bag should weigh under 10% of the youngster’s body weight. For example, a kid measuring 40kg should carry 2-3kg, and 4kg at the most.  (Easier said than done right! My daughter lunch bag weighs nearly that much!)

So the best things you can do include:

  • Ensure use both shoulder straps are used every time and at the same length to distribute the weight evenly.
  • Try not to wear the backpack under the lower back.  Tighten the shoulder straps so the bottom of the bag sits around the level of your child’s waist– follow a line from their stomach around to their back, the base of the bag should lie around that level.
  • The pack shouldn’t hang out from the shoulders – it ought to shape to your little ones back.  It should not swing from side to side when your youngster is moving around.

To be sure your child really wears the bag effectively when you aren’t there, disclose to them that it can bring about genuine harm to their spine, shoulders, and neck in the event that they don’t wear it right. It is just the best school bag if it’s utilized the correct way. Routinely check with them to check whether the bag is comfortable, or in the event that they are in any sort of discomfort.

Set aside the opportunity to educate your kid how to wear their school backpack properly, if uncertain talk with an osteopath at Inner Balance Health Clinics. 

What can my child do to help prevent pain and poor posture from carrying a school backpack?

You can teach (and do it with your child!) a few gentle stretches when convenient.

Shoulder shrug:

Breathe in and shrug your shoulders up to your ears. Hold then let them drop. Do this process at least three times in a row.

Arm circles:

While standing, extend your arms to the side. Gradually circle your arms forward for five times. Stop and circle your arms in reverse for five times.  It’s important where possible to finish with the backward circles to help reverse the daily forward posture people generally have.

Trunk Twists:

Stand with your arms freely close by and turn your trunk to one side. Give your left heel a chance to rise off the ground as you wind. Repeat the left side, giving your right heel a chance to rise off the ground as you turn. Do this twist motion a few times on both sides.

Remember if you have any questions please call the clinic to discuss your child’s posture and pain with our Osteopaths at Inner Balance Mill Park.



I thought this would be a great time to talk lunch box ideas:

Pizza quesadilla

So here is one my kids absolutely love, easy to prepared and different to a boring old sandwhich.
For more details check out the website

TOTAL TIME to make: 10mins (PREP 5 MINS. COOK 5 MINS)

  • 2  flour tortillas (small size to fit in lunchbox, cut them in haf)
  • 3 tablespoons spaghetti sauce or 3 tablespoons pizza sauce
  • 1cup shredded cheese
  • 8 slices salami, ham, mushroom, what ever you like really


These are made just like any other quesadilla or grilled cheese sandwich.

  1. Spray the bottom of a non-stick skillet with cooking spray and preheat.
  2. When the pan is fairly hot place 1 Flour Tortilla in the pan.
  3. Fairly quickly (because you want to get everything on before the bottom starts to brown) spread on a few tablespoons of sauce.
  4. Then add a layer of salami (and anything else you like).
  5. Then top with shredded cheese.
  6. Top it off with the 2nd Flour Tortilla.
  7. Just like any other quesadilla or grilled cheese let it brown then flip it over. If all of the cooking spray was absorbed you can spray on a little more, but you usually don’t need to.
  8. After both sides are browned and the insides are hot and melted take the “pizzas” out to cool.
  9. Once cooled slice in 1/4 like a pizza and wrap snugly with plastic wrap or aluminum foil or pack straight into lunchbox.