Products Available at IBHC

Inner Balance Health Clinics sells many types of products for our patients. Check out what we have available. Please note, some products are only available if prescribed by one of our practitioners.

Products available at Inner Balance Health Clinics

 Inner Balance Health Clinics offers a variety of products for our patients to help support our mission by improving your quality of life.  


Foam Roller

Man stretching use foam roller from osteopathBP-EPP-15308-X03 (4)BP-EPP-15308-X02 (4)BP-EPP-15308-P02 (4)

66fit EPP Foam Roller – Black – 15cm x 30cm & DVD

This 66fit EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) Foam Roller is a 15cm x 30cm foam roller that is used in physiotherapy, Pilates, yoga, fitness and rehabilitation.


  • Material: EPP Foam (Expanded Polypropylene)
  • Size: 15cm x 30cm
  • Colour: Black
  • Firmness: Very Firm
  • 1 Piece Construction


66fit EPP Foam Rollers have been made using a heat melded foam beads with a smooth surface and is recommended for people who wish to purchase a foam roller that is very firm.

Ideal for stretching, the 66fit Foam Roller (stability roller) can help improve stability and flexibility and is great for promoting stabilisation, core strength and balance.

To get the best out of your 66fit EPP Roller, watch the FREE comprehensive instructional DVD that comes included.



Spiky Balls

spiky balls from osteopathspiky balls prescribed by osteopathbp-gy-1001-p01_1 5

66fit 10 cm or 8 cm Soft or Hard Spiky Massage Ball – 1pc

The 66fit 10cm Soft Spiky Massage Ball is designed to stimulate the blood circulation, massage muscles and relieve tension. Sold individually.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 10cm Diameter
  • Colour: Various
  • Firmness: Soft


Spiky Massage Balls are designed to stimulate the blood circulation, massage muscles and relieve tension.

These robust therapeutic balls provide a multidimensional product of excellent value.

Please note: This ball is soft, harder balls are also available and colours may vary.


Wheat Bags

 LRS_Royal-80x56 wheat bag SB_Red-80x56neck wheat bag

A Wheat Bags is a cotton corduroy bag filled with non-chemically treated Australian whole grain A grade wheat that can be used either hot (heated in a microwave) or cold (stored in the freezer).  Our Wheat Bags are a natural alternative for treating and managing aches and pains.

The cellular structure of wheat provides fantastic insulation properties.  Wheat can absorb and distribute both heat and cold evenly and gradually ensuring effective pain relief.  Wheat Bags easily mould to the contour of the area that is being treated.

A Wheat Bag is heated in the microwave for a set amount of time – each Wheat Bag has a heating label
with the recommended heating time sewn into it for maximum safety.  Once the Wheat Bag is heated it is simply placed on an area where heat is required.



Ice packs

ice pack

Reusable, safe, and economical. Contains a non-toxic flexible gel. FlexiPacs can be purchased in a bilk box, or individually.

Sizes available:

  • Medium – 13cm x 25cm
  • Large – 20cm x 35cm



Unleash the best version of you.  Book by local Personal trainer Terri Batsakis.


  • Meet the inspiring author Terri Batsakis
    • Certified Master Trainer
    • Nutrition Counselor
    • Applied Muscle Testing Practitioner
    • Wellness Coach
    • Founder of Terrific Fitness, the fastest growing Group Fitness Classes company in Melbourne
  • The facts on nutrition; have your cake and eat it too
  • Maximum results with minimum effort in exercise; you don’t need to train for hours 7 days a week
  • Exercise programs you can do at home
  • Shifting your mindset from “I can’t” to “I’ve got this!”
  • Get inspired and inspire others
  • Delicious Recipes including breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner and dessert
  • A step by step guide to going from A to Z at your own pace


Herbs and Supplements

The clinic provides several brands of herbal supplements including Metagenic, China Med, Medi Herb, Orthoplex, Bio Medica plus more.  These products are usually prescribed by practitioners during a consultation, and are not available over the counter.



Metron Rubcream used by osteopath

Also available in 90g

Metron Rub may be applied liberally to muscles before exercise and afterwards during the warm down phase.

Metron Rub is a generic copy of the ever popular Anti-Flamme Cream, but at a much better price. Metron rub, with its high quality essential oils and herbal extracts helps to soothe inflamed muscles and areas of soreness.

Metron Rub is ideal for aches, pains, bumps and strains, sore muscles and joints. It is ideal to use before exercise or sports to warm up muscles and improve circulation. Afterwards Metron assists in the soothing of sore, tired muscles and joints and is perfect for use in the cool-down phase.

Directions: Apply Metron Rub to affected areas and gently massage in as often as required.

Presentation: Each pack contains 450g

Precautions: Metron Rub is for external use only. It is not to be applied to broken or infected skin. Do not use on skin with eczema or dermatitis. Keep away from mucous membranes and eyes. Wash hands thoroughly after use. Not to be used during pregnancy.


  • Active Ingredients:
    • Menthol
    • Peppermint Oil
    • Arnica Extract
    • Calendula Extract
    • St. Johns Wort Extract
  • Base Ingredients:
    • Water
    • Grapeseed Oil
    • Cetostearl Alcohol
    • Glyceryl Stearate
    • PEG100 Stearate
    • Glycerine
    • Beeswax
    • DMM Hydantoin
    • Vitamin E
    • Iodopropynol Buylcarbamate



Integrity Cosmetics

Skin care Integrity cosmetics

Integrity Cosmetics is a certified organic skin care range. We are proud to be
producing an Australian made, certified organic, high quality range of skin care
products that are gorgeous to use and good for you! Tracey has created a team of experts to produce these beautiful products including an award winning production team, who have been producing organic skin care for nearly 20 years.

Your skin is what protects you from the harsh elements of everyday life, your body’s first line of defense. Like eating organic food or taking multi-vitamins for a healthy lifestyle, Integrity products go to work on the outer body by taking extreme care in ensuring that the skin and the body remains healthy and beautiful.

It is our belief that the most effective elements of healing and restoration for the body can be found in nature. All of our ingredients have been chosen and combined for their specific healing properties.


Flex ease heat patches

Flexeze Patches are an evidence-based, safe and convenient way to relieve tense or tight muscles for up to 12 hours. Each patch contains a soft, flexible backing that adheres to underclothing and can be removed easily.  It bends and flexes as you move.

FlexEze Air-Activated Heat Patches are designed to warm gradually and reach maximum heat in approx 30 minutes.  Air-activated, we recommend you do not open pouch until ready to use.

Directions: Open pouch, remove patch and peel off protective strip. Apply patch to underclothing over troublesome area, sticky side down.  Press firmly. DO NOT APPLY DIRECTLY ONTO SKIN, IF SKIN IS SENSITIVE. In such circumstances heat patches should be used with the heat FlexEze wrap.

Combining the FlexEze Body Wrap with the FlexEze Heat Patch, allows you to treat a larger area and easily reposition patches. Ideal for overnight use and people with sensitive skin.

More products Available include:


Herbs and Supplements

The clinic provides several brands of herbal supplements including Metagenic, China Med, Medi Herb, Orthoplex, Bio Medica plus more.  These products are only prescribed by practitioners during a consultation, and are not available over the counter.  Our Naturopath Erin Hunter also prescribes tailor made herbal tonics specifically for her patients individual needs.

Po Sum

Zen Spray

Thera bands

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