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World Incontinence Week

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Today I’d thought I’d share some information in which I feel is informative and helpful for all. Its a bit different to what I’ve been writing about recently but interesting just the same. Let me know your thoughts

World Incontinence Week is this month. Although The Continence Foundation of Australia this year is focusing on pregnancy and pelvic floor. I thought that it is also a very important time to share the fact that Continence or Incontinence is not just for females. It also affects men, they just don’t seem to talk about it as much as us women. But it also is a consideration for children and bedwetting.

I thought I might share with you their free App to download the “Pelvic Floor First fitness exercises” By the Continence Foundation of Australia. The App can be downloaded from either iTunes or Google Play. This app features pelvic floor-safe exercises for women and men who want to maintain or improve their fitness without compromising their pelvic floor.

For our children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren and friends, the Continence Foundation of Australia also have put together some amazing information regarding Toilet Tactics. The program is seeking to motivate children to adopt healthy bladder and bowel habits by empowering them through education and knowledge. It is built on the premise that many lifelong attitudes, beliefs and behaviours begin in childhood and that instilling these values at a young age may help avoid issues later in life. Its worth a look and share amongst other parents, schools and sporting groups.

Today’s yummy recipe comes from 4 Ingredients Gluten Free Lactose Free book by Kim Mc Cosker. I picked up the book from Kmart while I was waiting for photo’s to print, and guess what, it has more than just yummy deserts.

Cacao and Date Truffles
Makes 16
3 TBS raw cacao powder
1 1/2 cups of Medjool dates, pitted
3 TBS coconut
1/2 cup pistachios, lightly toasted and crushed

Bend together cacao, dates and coconut. Roll into balls and then into the crushed pistachios to coat.
Chill before serving. Yep that easy! Dangerous isn’t is?

Enjoy the start of Winter